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Partner of the Leonardo da Vinci partnership programme e-FFECT

The Centro Específico de Educación a Distancia de la Comunidad Valenciana (CEEDCV) is the only state-run Distance Education Centre for Adults in the Region of Valencia, Spain. With 4,134 students, most of them 18+, the CEED offers, apart from Primary and Secondary Education, Sixth Forms, and Educational Programmes, Vocational Training:Commerce, Marketing, International Commerce, Business and Marketing, Management and Finances, plus internships in companies. About 22% of our students are registered in two-year courses, attend contact lessons on a weekly basis, individual tuition hours, and follow our virtual courses.

Most of our students need to obtain the appropriate degree to enter the labour market. Others are unemployed who need a degree to improve their CV to find a job. We also have people who are working, but need a degree to keep their job or promote in the company they work for. Many of these people are migrants or people with an unfavorable socio-economic background. Finally, those prisoners from the 2 Valencia jails (Picassent Penados & Picassent Preventivos), who are lucky enough to be released from prison, come to our centre to continue their studies. Two CEED teachers go to the jail on a weekly basis so that prisoners can continue their studies. In a time of crisis, with an uncertain and insecure labour market, getting a European dimension, cooperating with other European schools by means of ICT tools, learning about other schools cannot but increase the learners' motivation, their chance to obtain additional skills, as well as new job opportunities in other European countries.

The CEED plays a major role in society. Among our learners we have people at risk of social exclusion, people already excluded from society, immigrants, unemployed and people wishing to secure their job or improve their CVs. And one of the CEED's most important functions is to provide them with vocational training qualifications to help them to enter the labour market. Participating in LLL programmes cannot but enable them to obtain a degree, provide them with the European dimension, language skills, and ICT practice, which in a distance learning centre is of the essence.



Esmovia - Mobility-agency

Our new partner in Valencia - Esmovia is a so called incoming agency. They are specialized in providing work placements in the region and educational programmes to young people and adults coming from all over Europe. In coordination with the Bildungs-Werkstatt, the cooperating companies and the trainees there will be arranged complete service package incl. language course, board and lodging.