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Partner in the Leonardo da Vinci partnership-project e-FFECT.

Tingvallagymnasiet is one of Karlstads-Hammarö public Upper Secondary Schools situated in Karlstad with 850 students mainly from 16 to 20 years of age. The Trade and Business programme – within the field of Trade and Service or Tourism and Travels – is one of our vocational upper secondary programmes with about 300 students. The programme belongs to the field of Service in which also Provisions as well as Hotels and Restaurants belong. From August 2011 these programmes are certified together with the programme of Economics in a so-called “ServiceCollege”

The school has many students with foreign background and our international work has always been in focus in our different levels. We encourage our students, who so wish, to do their workplace training abroad and for the time being we have workplace exchanges with our neighbouring countries Denmark, Norway and Finland but also with other countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Greece and Great Britain. For the time being we have started a co-operation with a school in the United States and also in Syria.

Our students, together with their teachers, work a lot with reality-based education and use the method of “Young Enterprise”. To stimulate our students and thereby increase the quality and the status for our vocational programmes – in this case within the field of Trade and Business - a future co-operation within this partnership with different countries in Europe, different languages and cultures, is a great challenge for our school, as one of our priority aims is to increase international contacts both project co-operations and workplace training abroad. This will hopefully increase the motivation further for our present students and entice future students to our vocational programmes.



The Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities

The Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities (GR) is a co-operative organisation uniting thirteen municipalities in western Sweden.

The member municipalities are Ale, Alingsås, Göteborg, Härryda, Kungsbacka, Kungälv, Lerum, Lilla Edet, Mölndal, Partille, Stenungsund, Tjörn, and Öckerö.

The task of the association is to promote co-operation over municipal borders and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and experience within the region

GR focuses on such issues as: regional planning, environment, traffic, job market, welfare and social services, competence development, education, and research.
GR works closely with Business Region Göteborglänk, which is the common resource for trade and commerce issues in the Göteborg region.

This organization will eventually send some professionals for a one-week job shadowing period tothe Bildungs-Werkstatt Chemnitz.